Sunday Beauty Queen

May 25, 2017 / The Philippine Reporter /

Documentary on the joys, triumphs and struggles of the 190,000 OFWs in Hong Kong

When filmmaker Baby Ruth Villarama first visited Hong Kong’s Central District, she was surprised to see thousands of Filipinos sprawled out on makeshift blankets, chatting with each other, playing on their phones, and just hanging out.

It was Sunday, the one day of the week that most Filipino domestic workers in Hong Kong are off work. Many of them spend it socializing and relaxing in the city’s Central District.

"Some of them were sleeping, some of them were painting their nails, some of them were just chit chatting, trying to figure out how to communicate and help with their children’s assignments back in the Philippines through Skype," Villarama told an audience at the University of Toronto last month.